Contract Bagging / Packing

Bagging Robot
Significant investment has enabled Pennine Aggregates to offer a fully comprehensive packing service through 3 bagging lines; all feeding a robotic palletisers which make efficient work of even the largest of demands.

The three lines we currently run comprise of a form, fill and seal bagging machine which specialises in producing polythene sacks, with weights ranging from 5kg – 50kg.  We also have a line dedicated to stitching polypropylene/paper sacks, and finally a line dedicated to filling polythene/paper sacks with various powder and granular products.

Wide range of products packed, including:

  • Dried sands & aggregates
  • Powders – including cement, PFA, GGBS, etc
  • Straw & wood pellets
  • Toxic and hazardous chemicals
  • Many more granular, powder, solid products – with both low and high density

We are able to meet the following specifications:

  • 5kg – 2,000kg bag filling capability
  • Polythene, polypropylene, paper and valve sacks can all be accommodated
  • A 24/7 operation is run for a minimum of 6 months a year, meaning greater capacity and flexibility
  • Free, dedicated undercover/outside storage available for customers needs
  • Customer’s own brand bags can be supplied, sometimes at no extra cost

If you would like to talk to one of our specialist advisers about your packing requirements the please dont hesitate to contact us.